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Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

UFO Cloud Wakes Seen By NASA Satellite

Huge flying craft of some sort produced wakes in a cloud layer in this image captured by a NASA environmental satellite.

(Washington, D.C.) In a startling image collected by a NASA environmental satellite over two years ago, evidence of huge objects flying through the atmosphere can been seen in the wakes they produced in a low cloud layer.

The image shows evidence of several unidentified objects of varying sizes, all flying in formation, at a very low altitude over the Indian Ocean. The area is too remote to be covered by radar.

ecoEnquirer asked famed image analysis expert William B. Davis his opinion of the image. "This is truly amazing", said Mr. Davis, between long drags on his trademark cigarette. "I've drawn these black lines (see image, above) where I think the UFO's are located, based upon the cloud wakes they produced. It looks like several smaller craft and one large lead craft are all escorting a huge Mother ship of some sort. The Mother ship looks to be at least several miles in diameter."

Based upon the wakes produced in the clouds, Mr. Davis said the flying objects were travelling at a very great speed -- about 4,000 to 6,000 miles per hour. Their great size is sure to challenge generally accepted size ranges for UFOs, which are usually approximately the size of human-piloted aircraft.

"Spaceships of this size would be difficult to hide from humans, which is likely the reason why they are flying in such a remote region", explained Davis. "Kind of reminds you of that movie, 'Independence Day', doesn't it?"

ecoEnquirer contacted NASA for comment, but a public affairs officer cited a policy that NASA does not comment on either UFOs, or on theories that the Moon landings were a hoax.

Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

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