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(updated May 26, 2006)

(Al Gore, 3:16 pm, Feb 24, 2006) "Hi guys, I just heard about your new environmental website, and wanted to be the first to congratulate you. As you might know, I actually developed the first environmental website back in the early days of the internet. Anyway, I look forward to reading your articles!"

(Al Gore, 3:42 pm, Feb 24, 2006) "Um, it looks to me like you are NOT an environmental website. Are you making fun of people that care about the Earth? I sure hope not...."

(Kermit, 9:05 pm, Feb 24, 2006) "Hi-ho! Wow, I really like your pictures! I see you guys are also finding it's not so easy to be green! Yaaaay!"

(EarthFirst!/'TreeDefender', 9:05 am, Feb 25, 2006) "OK, so you want to play hard ball, huh? Well, I have ways of finding out where you live, you know....."

(EarthFirst!/'TreeDefender', 11:52 am, Feb 25, 2006) " you guys have a street address that I can send a candy-gram to?"

(You-Know-Who, 3:57 pm, Feb 25, 2006) "Hi sweety, it's me..don't forget to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home, OK?"

(anonymous, 5:28 am, Feb 26, 2006) "Y'all are sick."

(ValGirl, 7:02 am, Feb 27, 2006) "Hey, my girlfriend and I think your new site is so bitchen! When she told me about it I was, like, 'no way', but then she was like, 'fer sure, it's totally awesome!', then I was like... "

(You-Know-Who, 6:06 am, Feb 28, 2006) "Hi sweety, it's me..I really enjoyed last are such an animal!"

(ConspiracyNut, 7:30 am, Feb 28, 2006) "Instead of making up stuff, why don't you cover what is really happening out there, like the government's control of the weather with HAARP??"

(AmandaB, 10:08 am, Feb 28, 2006) "Thanks for the hurricane story! I used it for a class assignment on global warming, and I got an A!"

MARCH, 2006
(BlueDolphin, 12:08 a.m.. Mar 4, 2006, Re: levitating islands) "That is absolutely bizarre ! I know that there are strange gravitational forces in that area, due to the charged crystals of Atlantis still generating from where they sit on the Ocean floor, I wonder if somehow the crystal vortexes are interfacing with the additional energy anomalies caused by HAARP's activation, and that is the reason for this...?? most curious.." (view thread)

(Hugh Manatee Wins, 1:16 a.m.. Mar 5, 2006, Re: Dolphins fleeing tropics) "...This, my friends, is the CIA/Pentagon war against the truth and The People now being waged on the internet just as it is in every other institution and venue by sowing confusion and tripping up well-meaning people who unknowingly spread it like a communicable disease...." (view thread)

(Lady Kadjina, 10:58 a.m.. Mar 6, 2006, Re: levitating islands) "...Beneath the waters of the Bermuda Triangle are huge pillars and great crystals as well as the landing fields for many crafts. Jacque Coustou took photographs of all this and many years ago it was shown on your Television. Only one time and then it was banned. You are made from earth and you both are constructed in the same basic way, with meridians, acupuncter points, chakra system and both of you are sentient beings. Mother Earth is sentient. All is well. Do not be afraid." (view thread)

(Diamond, 1:07 p.m. Mar 6, 2006, Re: Alaska turning tropical) "Clearly its out of hand and we've got to do something." ( view thread) [Editor's note: 'Diamond' fooled me..I thought he believed the story...reverse sarcasm isn't allowed, Diamond!]

(Edward, 2:56 p.m. Mar 6, 2006, Re: Bush Jets and Katrina) "I just read the piece. I have nothing against you folks smoking dope on the job, in fact I endorse it. But you have to buy some better shit, cause what you are using is really hurting your mind."

(Edward, 2:16 p.m. Mar 7, 2006, Re: Bush Jets and Katrina) "As I have spent the last 1/2 hour or so at your site I have now laughed so much my ass has fallen off. Since you did post an appropriate warning on the site such as but not necessarily limited to : "DANGER reading the material in this site may cause you to laugh your ass off" I will now have litigate (ya know the priest said I would go blind but hell I touch type anyway) to recover the expense of having my ass reattached."

(pkm, 2:16 p.m. Mar 27, 2006, Re: 'Operation Icelift' Launched to Save Antarctic Ice Sheet) "Actors are more in touch with nature and the major issues of the day than regular working stiffs. Thank god they have the means and the heart to save the rest of us. I know that because of the intense caring and fast action of these fine individuals I am going to stop making illegal copies of my dvds and mp3s so they can make more money to save my planet. Thanks for starting this ever so important thread!" view thread

APRIL, 2006
(Harmony Green, 12:12 p.m. Apr 17, 2006): "Laugh if you want..but I listen to all-night radio and hear what's really going on! I don't see you clowns telling anybody about the Bush Weather Machine--the one Bush Sr. acquired from the grays (aliens for you unenlightened) during the Illuminati/Alpha-Centaury treaty talks in the early 90's. It's a little known fact that he traded 10,000 head of cattle for it. Several unnamed government officials and retired generals have confirmed this. You have apparently have not been studying your Bible Code very thoroughly."

(Eckhart Theological Seminary, unknown date, 2006):
"Dear Friend, The Eckhart Theological Seminary, in association with the International University of Theological Studies, is pleased to announce the launch of our accredited research-based degrees through the PhD level. All degrees are earned by research and dissertation, modeled after the British and South African research degree programs. There is no coursework to complete. Students may pursue ANY spiritual or theological topic for their major. Topics by former students include Reiki, Wicca, Spiritual Counseling, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, UFOlogy, and others. Successful students will be awarded the degree in their chosen topic upon completion of the dissertation. Application is free. To apply, simply email your complete name, address, and desired degree and major. A mentor will be assigned to assist you in completion of your dissertation. Tuition fees are as follows:
Bachelor Degree: 1000 USD
Masters Degree: 1500 USD
PhD: 2000 USD
This is the complete tuition. No other fees are required. All degrees are fully accredited. Send an email today to enroll.
ETS Admissions

(J. Brosk, 1:11 p.m. Apr 24, 2006, Re: Spinning Earth Problems):
"I live in Northern New York, where a large-scale "wind farm" with 197 windmills have recently been installed. The blade span is approximately that of a Boeing 747. The windmills are perched atop a ridge and extend for miles. I'm sure there must be a recent study somewhere that indicates increased reliance on wind turbines is actually slowing, or increasing, the rotational speed of the earth, thereby extending day and increasing global warming...or decreasing day, therby increasing the demand for light and additional consumption of fossil fuels, therby contributing to global warming....maybe even climate change! Face it, those giant spinning propellers from California to Connecticut are greatly inhibiting the ability of the Earth to rotate freely. I'm concerned and thought you should know.
A Concerned Person Who Cares,
J. Brosk
Carthage New York"

May, 2006
(R. Wilton, 8:53 a.m. May 25, 2006, Re: Al Gore Wins Climate Idol Competition):
"great, now everyone will know Al Gore is dufus, you should have been happy with everyone knowing he was TRULY the inventor of the internet ( and Spandex, which is a little known secret, covered up by Dupont and the Illuminati). Keep it coming."

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