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Earth Warming too Fast for Turtles to Escape

World's Turtles First! has been raising awareness of the devestating effect climate change has been having on turtles. EcoEnquirer sat down the WTF!'s Director, Helga Chen, to discuss the latest IPCC global warming report, and how WTF! has been working to save the turtles of the world.

(London - 29 September 2013)

EE: Can you explain for our readers why World's Turtles First! is so concerned about turtles?

WTF!: Because they move so slowly, turtles are the least able to migrate to cooler regions to escape the ravages of global warming. We are even receiving reports of turtles attempting to fly in order to escape global warming.

EE: Flying turtles. Really?

WTF!: Yes, but because they cannot maneuver as well as birds, this has been very dangerous for them. They tend to run into cars, mostly. Very tragic...

EE: So, how has the new AR5 report from the IPCC affected your plans?

WTF!: Well, the latest report makes it clear that humans are causing alarming changes in the climate system. It's hard to argue with 95% certainty from all of the world's climate scientists, don't you think?

EE: So, you don't think the fact the Earth hasn't warmed in the last 15 years is significant to their claims?

WTF!: I'm sorry, but was that in the report? Or is that just some climate denier talking point? Look at the melting sea ice! And, I just saw that there are now 11 billion climate refugees affected by climate change...

EE: Um...isn't that more than the number of humans on the Earth?

WTF!: ...which shows just how serious the problem has become!

EE: ...and I assume you know that Antarctic sea ice is now at record high levels?

WTF!: I'm not going to second guess thousands of scientists who are 95% certain. Are you?

EE: Back to the turtles. What are some of the climate changes that are affecting turtles today?

WTF!: We are seeing increasing numbers of heat stroke victims, and some cases of dehydration.

EE: Really! How have you been helping these turtles?

WTF!: Our protocol is to put suspected heat stroke victims in the freezer overnight, but most are apparently too sick, and few survive. The dehydration cases are held in the bottom of a water tank overnight, but unfortunately we have been unable to save any of those, either. This proves how serious a problem climate change has become for turtles.

EE: Finally, what can people do to help WTF!?

WTF!: They can donate to our cause. Also, they can become part of the Protect Our Turtles, or "POT", campaign. We've found that getting involved with POT is one of the best ways to appreciate the terrible effects of climate change on turtles.