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Animal Rights Group Sues for Pet Pay

An animal rights group has filed suit in federal court, seeking financial compensation for the work that pets are required by their owners to perform.

(Washington, D.C.) The widespread practice of keeping animals as pets has often caused animal rights activists to campaign for the release of those animals. With public opinion largely against such a remedy, an animal rights group has now filed a lawsuit in federal court to require financial compensation to pets.

People for the Impartial Treatment of Animals (PITA) spokesperson Flora Freebird explained, "If people insist on the enslavement of animals, then those animals should be entitled to just compensation for the freedom they are denied as well as the work they perform."

While it is not clear what pets would do with the money, Ms. Freebird said that it is only a matter of time before science figures out a way for humans to communicate with animals on a verbal, cognitive level.

"If the dolphins at Sea World could speak, I am sure they could tell us how they want their money spent", said Ms. Freebird. "One would reasonably expect that their concern for their fellow animals would move many of them to donate to our cause."

The animal rights supporters are seeking an animal minimum wage, with the funds being put into a trust that would be monitored by the federal government, just as a company is required by law to the IRS payments made to employees.

As an extension of the minimum wage concept, PITA is also trying to establish a pay scale that would take into account how much work the pet is required to do on a daily basis - for instance, performing tricks, retrieving newspapers, pulling sleds - as well as the relative size of the animal to its cage or the house in which it is "imprisoned".

"It's time we stopped treating animals like animals", explained Ms. Freebird.

Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

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