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Solar Power Plant Construction Halted Due to Endangered Squirrel

Discovery of the endangered red-cheeked squirrel has stopped construction of the world's largest solar power plant in southern California.

(Dry Desert, California) The unexpected discovery of a nest of red-cheeked squirrels amidst the huge, partially constructed MegaPyre Solar Power plant has halted construction, casting doubt on the viability of what has been considered to be the environmentalist's crown jewel of renewable power facilities.

The 20 gigawatt plant was expected to provide electricity to much of southern California, and was only 6 months away from completion when the nest of squirrels, which are on the endangered species list, was found. Due to federal regulations regarding endangered species, moving the nest to another location is not permitted.

The situation has confounded local environmentalists, who are now evenly divided on whether the solar power plant or the nest of squirrels is more important to their cause.

"This has caused unspeakable turmoil in the environmental community", lamented Rainbow Treetower, spokesperson for the local Falls Canyon chapter of the Save Our Earth Society. She noted that one female environmentalist was seriously injured during an altercation over the issue when a male associate tried to choke her by entangling her in a large dream catcher.

With at least $1.6 billion spent on the project so far, there is great concern that the squirrel issue will set back environmentalists' push for both renewable power sources and the preservation of wildlife.

UPDATE: There are now unconfirmed reports that one of the environmentalists attending a "Save the Squirrels" demonstration accidently drove over the squirrel nest in question, killing the entire family of squirrels. Local police have reportedly treated the case as an accident, and have not filed any charges against the woman, who is now under suicide watch at a local hospital.

Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

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