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1. Weather Wars and Area 51

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Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

Weather Wars and Area 51 (Parts 1 & 2)

In our exclusive interview of an Area 51 electrical engineer, a remarkable 'weather generator' war between the U.S. and Russia is revealed. Russia's 2005 hurricane attack on the U.S., and the U.S. retaliatory cold wave attack of this past winter on Russia, both represent the first large scale successes in a secret weather war that the public is being led to believe is simply 'global warming'.


(Somewhere in the desert Southwest) EXCLUSIVE: "Whoever controls the world's weather controls the world", whispered the engineer, now on the road continuously, fearing for his life. This is the story told to ecoEnquirer by a tired, nervous man in his early forties whose tale is unique. While his story could not be corroborated, it is too important to go untold, and we present it here to let you, the reader, decide for yourself its veracity.

Like the hundreds of other electrical engineers employed at Area 51, Dr. Bobby Hendricks (not his real name) had only a minimal security clearance to match his "need to know". He worked on only a small portion of an electrical apparatus of unknown function, but Bobby knew that whatever it was, it consumed massive amounts of power. Engineers are a curious lot, however, and after many months he and a number of his co-workers began to put two and two together. It wasn't until this past winter, when his designed components were getting "burned out" and in need of replacement, that Bobby and several of the other engineers discovered the true purpose of what they have dubbed the "waveguide resonance weather generator".

"The whole global warming thing is a ruse", explained Dr. Hendricks, lighting another cigarette even before his first was finished, occasionally looking over his shoulder as if someone was following him. "The rapid global warming of the last thirty years is the direct result, we believe, of these huge weather modification machines that the U.S. and Russia have been testing."

Bobby continued to weave a story so incredible, and yet so consistent with historical events, that we have debated for the last two weeks whether it should be told. If true, revealing the details puts the entire ecoEnquirer staff at risk.

"Both the U.S. and Russia realize that today's global economy makes our countries increasingly vulnerable to political instabilities in other regions. Russia's active research program with the weather generator has, we believe, been a strategic offensive tool to destabilize the American economy. The U.S. work on our own generator has been more of a defensive response to the Russian program", explained Bobby.

"Last year's hurricanes represented the Russians' first large-scale success", he continued. "Think about it. The number of tropical storms in 2005 was not only an all-time record, but so many of the big hurricanes just happened to hit our oil production and refining facilities. I'm afraid this was just the start in an escalating weather war."

Mother nature will only allow a certain level of weather modification, however, and so it would not be possible to retaliate against Russia with our own man-made hurricanes. "Unlike the United States, Russia doesn't have a hurricane threat", Bobby explained. "These weather generators can't generate entirely new weather..that would take far too much energy...they can only intensify existing weather patterns. One of Russia's most serious weather threats is winter cold, which strains their fragile energy distribution system. The record cold wave of this past winter in western Russia and Siberia was the American's first success with our own generator, and was a retaliatory response to the hurricane attack of 2005".

When we asked Dr. Hendricks about the possibility of aliens in the history of Area 51, he smiled. "Well, that was outside our area of expertise...even though we always heard rumors. The only rumor that has persisted and is taken very seriously refers to one particular alien whose ability to morph his appearance into human form was combined with his interest in human politics."

"The rumor is that when this particular alien came on the scene, his appearance was so offensive that his nickname was 'Alien Gore'. Eventually, he became so well informed on many Area 51 projects that he blackmailed his 'keepers' into letting him start a career in politics. This was many years ago, and I think you might be able to figure out which politician he became", Hendricks said with a sly smile.

"Now, even though Mr. Gore knows very well that the covert weather war is the cause of global warming, he has hitched his career to the popular idea of global warming being caused by manmade greenhouse gases", Hendricks explained. "The concern now is that he might not be as friendly to humanity as he was thought to be, and that his appearance on Earth might be part of a planned alien takeover attempt. People willingly giving power to this 'freak' would be much more effective than an 'Independence Day' style invasion."

What will the coming hurricane season be like? Dr. Hendricks explained, "That entirely depends on whether incipient storms are plentiful again this year. If they are, then there will be many opportunities for the Russians to influence their intensification and path. The bigger question in my mind, however, is what can our guys do behind the scenes to destroy the Russian weather machine? Similarly, what are the Russians doing to disrupt our program?"

Finally, ecoEnquirer asked Bobby about where all the energy comes from to power these weather generators. "Many years ago, DoD engineers discovered a way to recapture the 40% of our electrical energy that is lost during transmission across thousands of miles of high-voltage lines in the United States. This suddenly allowed them access to vast amounts of electrical energy needed for the project. The HAARP facility in Alaska is used to focus the energy to a particular geographic location through manipulation of Earth's ionosphere."

After Dr. Hendricks cell phone rang for the fifth time during our interview, he announced that he had to leave. "Let me give your readers some advice", Hendricks said as he opened the door to leave, "...when the movies, TV specials, and magazine articles start appearing with Alien Gore's face attached, watch out!"

Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

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